The Batana Ecomuseum will participate at the 18th Forum of the Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums (AMMM) which will be held in Istanbul from 28th-30th May 2012, organised by the Istanbul Naval Museum.

The main theme of this year's Forum, the mid-year event of the maritime museums and associated heritage organisations which work to protect and preserve the maritime heritage of the Mediterranean region, are the traditional vessels and heritage ships. These comprehensive and complex subjects will be approached in three possible aspects, organised in three sessions: "The cataloguing of traditional vessels and heritage ships", "Traditional Vessels and Heritage Ships as Museum Objects" and "Traditional Vessels and Heritage Ships as Containers of Collective Memory".

Dragana Lucija Ratković, the professional head of the Rovinj ecomuseum and current president of the AMMM has collaborated in the formation of the forum's programme this year as a member of the programme committee together with Maria Paola Profumo, director of the Galata Museo del Mare and with the professional secretary of the AMMM Lluis Prieto. The Batana Ecomuseum will stage a presentation about the roles of the batana boat in presenting the identity and sense of place of Rovinj.

At the Forum two other maritime projects will also be presented: Nenad Bobanac Ph.D will present the methodology for assessing the authenticity of boats and Tea Mayhew Ph.D from the Maritime Museum in Rijeka and Josip Andrić from Matica Hrvatska's, Rab Branch, will present the restoration project of Rab's vessels.