Due to the lack of legal frameworks for the registration of eco-museums in the Republic of Croatia, the Batana Eco-museum has been registered since 2007 as a non-profit association - the House of Batana.

The management of the Eco-museum is carried out on two levels: an executive management level and a working level which enables the diverse year-round programme. Since the beginning of the Eco-museum, the consulting and project management company Muze d.o.o. from Zagreb has been collaborating in the museum’s management (www.muze.hr).

Executive management

President: Valerio Drandić
Secretary: Riccardo Bosazzi
Professional-programme manager: Dragana Lucija Ratković, Muze d.o.o.
Activities’ coordinator: Marino Budicin
Accountancy: Martina Šain

Working units

Museology unit (Dragana Lucija Ratković)
Historical and archival research unit (Marino Budicin)
Library and archive unit (Delia Quarantotto)
Enology and gastronomy unit (Sergio Ferrara)
Educational unit (Angela Preden)
Lugsail unit (Alvise Benussi)
Unit for the conservation and valorisation of Rovinj’s musical and dialectal traditions (Luciano Sugar)
Barkariola (boatmen) unit (Giordano Banich)
Documentary unit (Boris Vučković)
Website management unit (Dragana Lucija Ratković)
Batana and model building and intangible heritage unit (Mladen Takač)
International cultural collaboration unit (Dragana Lucija Ratković)
Souvenir unit (Ornella Košara)