CulturVideo is a video contest dedicated to the enhancement of value of the intangible cultural heritage and is addressed to students of primary and lower secondary schools in the territories involved in the project.
The contest is organised as part of the CULTURECOVERY project dedicated to the preservation and RECOVERY of intangible CULTUral heritage of Central Europe through Ecomuseums, as a driver of local growth. It involves partners from 6 different countries of Central Europe (Austria, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary) and focuses on the role of Ecomuseums (“living museums”) in the conservation and promotion of places and people’s identity.
The video contest CulturVideo aims to support the intangible cultural heritage, such as those traditions and memories which are “living expressions” of a community’s identity, in order to transform a concrete, visible and clearly perceptible element’s perception.
Who can participate?
The contest is open to national and international primary and low secondary school classes from the involved territories.

How can you participate?
The short videos sent to the contest may be documentaries, interviews, life stories, animations, video clips, spots, fictions, etc.
Participants can compete in three sections, corresponding to the following themes:
1)    territory / landscape / buildings / monuments
2)    traditions / history / culture
3)    natural environment (flora, fauna, etc.)
Each participant (class, group within a class, single student) can compete with a maximum of 3 shorts (one for each category), lasting up to 3 minutes with a maximum dimension of 2GB for each video.
Shorts should be sent to the following e-mail address:
The deadline for sending in the videos: 30th April 2019
All the videos received will be uploaded on the YouTube channel of the CULTURECOVERY project – VIDEO CONTEST from 8 May 2019. From this date on users will be able to express their preference clicking on like.
The three winner shorts will receive a “honourable mention” and will be rewarded with a free activity proposed by their reference Ecomuseum for all the class of the student/group author of the short.

Opening of the contest     18th February 2019
Time limit to send the video    30th April 2019 at 18.00 PM
Opening of public vote     8th May 2019 at 10.00 AM
Time limit to public vote    15th May 2019 at 5.00 PM
Jury vote and conclusion contest operations    No later than 17th May 2019
Communication of winners through e-mail and publication on website and facebook of CULTURECOVERY project    

No later than 20th May 2019

The CULTURECOVERY project is financed though ERDF founds by Central Europe Programme that
encourages cooperation on shared challenges in Central Europe.

For further information visit