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Batana Eco-museum

Welcome to the website of the Batana Eco-museum! Our Eco-museum is unique on the Adriatic and Mediterranean! It is dedicated to the traditional wooden boat known as the batana and to the community which has chosen it as its symbol! As the town of Rovinj’s most widespread traditional vessel, the batana reflects the continuity of its local maritime heritage, as well as the continuity of the everyday lives of the local people. It is a unique and precious bond which connects the local residents of various ethnicities, initially Italian, today the minority and the majority Croatian. Discover with us interesting stories, learn knowledge and skills, get to know the people, listen to the melodies and experience the tastes, smells and colours of Rovinj, the maritime centre of Istria!


Rovinj's Regatta of traditional boats is a vibrant and distinctive manifestation that has been taking place in Rovinj's waters for several years at the beginning of June. It was established with the aim of preserving the knowledge and the art of sailing with lugsails, as well as the techniques of making them, particularly painting. Around 40 boats from the wider Adriatic region, especially Northern Italy and Slovenia, participate in it. Regatta’s accompanying program in a creative and vivid way celebrates the maritime culture marked by a batana boat, and includes activities such as making and painting large and small sails, gastro show and activities for children


A rowing trip on a batana is a unique and memorable experience of the town for all its visitors! This magical experience normally begins at sunset, and as night falls, the “sviće” (lights) are turned on, which the boat is always equipped with for night fishing and then begins the ‘Rovinj trip of dreams’ from Mali Mol, around the peninsular of the old town’s centre, to Spacio Matika where the Eco-museum’s gastronomic-musical evenings continue. Your hosts are owners of Rovinj batana boats and members of the Eco-museum, barkarioli (boatmen) who, with joy and Rovinj’s special charm, will make this experience of Rovinj ‘from the batana perspective’ unforgettable!


Traditional Rovinj food and music in an authentic tavern? Sounds like a perfect recipe for a memorable night in Rovinj! Experience the flavours and aromas of the batana cuisine in which the finest produce of the land and the sea are showcased: local wine varieties – malvasia and teran, local olive oil, with fish and seafood freshly caught by the local fishermen. There is no perfect atmosphere without a good song, and at the Spacio Matika Tavern it is created by bitinadurs, the superb singers of the bitinada, traditional song of Rovinj fishermen.


The almost ritualistic process of batana creation, which has been built in the same way for centuries (without the aid of modern tools), is followed by all sections of Rovinj’s society and numerous visitors to the town, evening after evening in the Mali Škver. The experience is further enriched by events which celebrate the culinary, musical and overall maritime culture of Rovinj. So from mid-June to late August every Wednesday and Sunday, along with concerts of traditional Rovinj music, visitors are offered culinary specialities prepared by members of the Eco-museum


A walk along the waterfront is an opportunity for all visitors to Rovinj to get to know the batana boats and their owners. The walk begins at Mali Mol and can be taken in two directions: towards the House of Batana and the Mali Škver or towards Rovinj’s sole working shipyard where Rovinj’s boats are repaired today.

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The House of Batana

(Saturday and Sunday closed)

10am - 4pm
(Sunday closed)

10am-1pm / 6pm-9pm
(Sunday closed)

June July August:
10am-1pm / 7pm-11pm
(Sunday closed)

Group visits with advance notice

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Spacio Matika

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 pm – 11 pm.

Out of season the Spacio opens for lunch or dinner for parties of at least 25 diners and should be booked three days in advance.

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