For the lovers of sailing and traditional boats Rovinj will on June 16th again become an unavoidable destination. The 14th edition of the Rovinj Regatta of boats on lug and lateen sails will show all the beauty and value of the maritime heritage

The “Batana” Eco-museum, the Association “House of Batana-Casa della Batana” and the Sailing Club “Maestral” in cooperation with the City of Rovinj Tourist Board and the Association "Vela al terzo" from Venice, under the auspices of the City of Rovinj, organize in Rovinj’s sea a Regatta of boats with lug and lateen sails and other traditional boats, that will take place on Sunday, 16 June, beginning at 11:00. The Regatta is part of the Arca Adriatica Interreg Italy-Croatia EU project aimed at the preservation, promotion and tourist valorization of the Adriatic naval heritage. One of the novelties of this year's Regatta is that the Batana Eco-museum, in cooperation with the Maistra Hospitality Group, is turning even more to ecology and sustainability. As part of the joint project “Wind of Change”, for which a recognizable logo was designed, the Eco-museum will realize a series of activities such as the use of bio compostable eco glasses and plates at this year's Regatta.

The unofficial part of the program will begin on Saturday, 15 June, with a warm welcome for the participants, and an interesting presentation of the project “Legends of Light”, named after the book and film that bring a fascinating story of the lighthouses in the Adriatic. The project manager and editor-in-chief of the website, Jurica Gašpar, will present the lighthouses along our coast and on islands in the Batana Eco-museum at 18:30. The participants will have the opportunity to exchange impressions of the past regattas and expectations from the new one during dinner and entertainment and cultural program that begin at 19:30 in “Mali škver” in front of the Batana Eco-museum/Ecomuseo Batana. A procession of batanas, a special event on Saturday night at u 21:30, will be a proper introduction to the Sunday celebration of the sea and tradition.

The day of Rovinj's Regatta is one of the most important days in the life of Rovinj, full of events, excitement and beautiful scenes, both for the participants of the Regatta and for the observers.

This year’s edition will, as usual, start at 9:30 when all the participants with their boats will meet in ACI Marina and take their lunch packages. Start is scheduled for 11:00, and sails will decorate the Rovinj sea until 14:00.

While the teams from Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Italy put their best efforts into the race of the always engaging and prestigious Rovinj Regatta, the little ones will visit the Veliki mol for fun at the “Prints of the Sea” workshop. The workshop is intended for children ages 8 to 12, but all other ages are also welcome! It will be held from 10:00 to 11:00, and Sabina Damiani, the coordinator of the aMORE festival's artistic program, will lead the workshop and show the children how to create seals of various motifs (boats, sails, waves and many more) that will help them navigate the rough seas of fun and amusement. Registration for the workshop is required at e-mail:

The award ceremony for the winners of the 14th Rovinj Regatta and the unforgettable gathering of all lovers of boat and sea, will be held at the Veliki mol at 16:00.

The right to participate in the Regatta have traditional wooden sailboats with sails on 1/3 (lug sail; vela al terzo) and lateen sail. The boats will compete in the following categories (groups): batana, small guca, 4.99 m, big guca, pasara; small and big gajeta, leut, topo type boats – small and big, and cat.