Rovinj has always been oriented towards the sea. This is the reason behind its nickname “Popolana del mare” that was coined by the end of the 19th century denoting a plebeian woman of the sea.

“The House of Batana” is an association that valorises, interprets and presents Rovinj’s maritime heritage through an eco-museal approach. It has been active since 2004 and has united one part of its extensive research in this app that allows you to actively get to know “our” town.

The Batana Heritage Walk takes you to 20 maritime points in Rovinj. It includes points on land that can be visited on foot, but also those that can be visited by boat. With this app, your exploration can even start at home.

The audio, video and textual descriptions of locations and contemporary photos made by Rovinj’s photographer Dalibor Talajić will guide you through the streets of this fishing town. The archival visuals have been brought to life through augmented reality and will give you a glimpse of Rovinj as it once was.

The app offers a valuable feature: it uses the local dialect of Rovinj – Ruvignis – through recorded anecdotes, toponyms and original music from Rovinj.

Thanks to GPS coordinates for the locations, the Batana walk gives you the opportunity to get to know the maritime and cultural heritage of Rovinj, while also being your guide through a selected part of the town and archipelago.

The app was created as part of the CULTURECOVERY Interreg Central Europe project and was co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia-Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

Link to the application: