The nurturing and preservation of traditional bitinàda songs and bitinadùra singers in Rovinj are especially nurtured by the "Marco Garbin" Cultural Arts Society of the Italian Association of Rovinj, and the album "La viecia batana" is the essence of the very best performance of their choir. With its activities of over 60 years, the "Marco Garbin" Cultural Arts Society is not only the foundation of the artistic/musical activities of the local Italian community; it is also an important pivot in preserving the social-cultural context and identity of Rovinj.

Within the Spàcio Matika musical programme of the Batana Ecomuseum there is the group "Bitinadùri" which consists of: Riccardo Sugar (Bugialòn), group mentor; Riccardo Vidotto (Màmo), Riccardo Malusà (Ceî∫bo), Germano Ettorre (Manceîna), Gianfranco Santin (Gnègno), Sergio Ferrara (Maravìa), Massimo Ferrara (Maravìa), Claudio Malusà (Malòn), Branko Poropat (Kokica), Davorin Poropat, Antonio Curto (Mulchièra) and Giuseppe Bruni (Bièpi Tuòla).

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