The new authorial team, as well as the former multi-awarding winning Batana Ecomuseum website from 2007 has been created by Studio Revolucija of Zagreb. The Ecomuseum and all our members gratefully thank Vlado, Zlatko and Vedran for their creativity, professionalism and dedication, and the high degree of sensibility which they have shown in the creation of our "window to the world".

Riccardo Bosazzi, Valerio Drandić, Boris Vučković, Darvin Kliman, Dragana Lucija Ratković and Marino Budicin have cooperated in the creation of the website.

The texts and contents of the website were prepared by Dragana Lucija Ratković and Marino Budicin.

Proofreading of the Croatian text was carried out by: Lidija Sykora Nagy.

Italian translation by: Rodolfo Segnan.

English translation by: Martin Mayhew.

The new visual identity of the Batana Ecomuseum was conceived and built by Studio Cuculić of Zagreb. The Ecomuseum and all our members gratefully thank Vanja and Maja who have brilliantly succeeded in presenting of ecomuseum and all its elements in the medium of visual communication!

We thank the skilful Croatian photographer Damir Fabijanić who has followed the project from its beginnings and whose photographs are the foundation of our photographic library of our ecomuseum as well as the photographers Sandro Nikola, Dalibor Talajić, Goran Ukić and Boris Vučković who have followed our programmes from year to year.

Sponsor and leader of the project:
Town of Rovinj

Project initiators:
Marino Budicin and collaborators Valerio Drandić, Marko Paliaga, Nicolò Sponza, Dobrivoje Veljović

Professional concept:
Dragana Lucija Ratković, Muze d.o.o. Zagreb

Administration of the Eco-museum – the House of Batana Association:
President: Marino Budicin
Secretary: Silvano Zilli
Professional-programme manager: Tamara Nikolić Đerić
Activities coordinator: Nives Giuricin
Accountancy: Martina Šain

Partners and sponsors of the Eco-museum’s activities:
Republic of Croatia’s Ministry of Culture
Republic of Croatia’s Ministry of Tourism
County of Istria
Croatian Tourist Association
Tourist Association of the County of Istria
Tourist Association of the Town of Rovinj-Rovigno
Maistra d.d.