One of the top objectives of the Batana Ecomuseum is raising the awareness of the role of the batana boat as an important intercultural dialogue with which the community of Rovinj is connected with the large family of traditional vessels and related local communities in the Adriatic and Mediterranean and actively contributes to international initiatives in protecting the maritime heritage and culture of Europe and the world. In the concretization of this goal the Batana Ecomuseum became a regular member of the Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums whose headquarters is in Barcelona. This professional organisation was founded in 1998 in Dubrovnik at the initiative of the Maritime Museum from Barcelona. The AMMM as a legal entity gathers together maritime museums of the Mediterranean basin, as well as other institutions and individuals active in the preservation and presentation of the maritime heritage of the Mediterranean. The main aim of the activities of the AMMM is the conservation of maritime history and culture of the Mediterranean, as well as encouraging adherence to high professional standards of quality and their interpretation. The priorities of the actions of the AMMM are the improvement in the cooperation between institutions and legislative frameworks for research, preservation and the expansion of the awareness of the importance of the maritime heritage of the Mediterranean. Today the AMMM has over 28 full members from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Monaco, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Gibraltar and 17 associate members. Dragana Lucija Ratković, the professional head of the Batana Ecomuseum, was elected as president of the AMMM in 2009 with a mandate for 4 years.

The Batana Ecomuseum cooperates with the umbrella organisation of European Maritime Heritage as well as with La Fédération du patrimoine maritime méditerranéen - FPMM)

Since 2010 the Batana Ecomuseum has been twinned with Museo della marineria Washington Patrignani from Pesaro, Italy