About the regatta of lugsails

Since 2005 under the auspices of the Eco-museum and in cooperation with the local Sailing Club ‘Maestral’ the Rovinj regatta of traditional lug and lateen sail boats is held every June and it was established with the aims:

  1. to revive the lugsail (vìla al tièrso) which completely disappeared from use at the end of the 1960s when the small Tomos outboard motor came onto the scene. This motor was produced in nearby Koper and endangered the knowledge and skills of sailing with lugsails, as well as the techniques of their making (particularly their painting);
  2. to stimulate intercultural cooperation on the Adriatic, as the lugsail is specific to the areas of Venice’s lagoons, as well as the northern part of the eastern Adriatic coast and which is being achieved primarily through cooperation with the Vela al Terzo Association of Venice which deals with preserving the tradition of lugsails;
  3. to create events in Rovinj to celebrate maritime culture in a creative and colourful way, marked by the batana boat which can be enjoyed by all of Rovinj’s residents and visitors.