A unique publication featuring traditional recipes of Rovinj cuisine made from ingredients caught on the batana boats, written by active purveyors of the local gastronomy Marisa and Sergio Ferrara, with photography by Damir Fabijanić, design by Mirna Petrešević from the company FAB d.o.o., and a foreword written and edited by Marino Budicin and Dragana Lucija Ratković.

knjiga recepata 1

Sergio and Marisa Ferrara

Published by the House of Batana, Rovinj 2006

This is a special edition as it is also the first published project by the Eco-museum, and not surprisingly the subject matter chosen is from the local oral heritage, which for the inhabitants and many visitors to Rovinj is a lasting and pleasant pre-occupation – traditional Rovinj cuisine! Over its thirty pages it details fifteen traditional recipes, from appetizers to main courses. Many of them you may have already tasted as they belong to the large family of Mediterranean cuisine. However, presented here the dishes reflect local colour. They are, besides being bilingual (the book is printed in dual languages: Croatian and Italian, and English and German!) accompanied with the local terminology and dialect of Rovinj, with every basic ingredient noted with the according time and method of being caught, and each recipe is accompanied by a local saying...

The project received help from the Town of Rovinj, County of Istria, the Croatian Tourist Association, Veneto Region, T-Com and Maistra.