The book Rovinj’s Batana and its Sails by the author Libero Benussi is the second publication by Rovinj’s Eco-museum and the first monograph dedicated to a single type of boat on the Adriatic.

Knjiga Rovinjska batana i njezino jedro 1

Author: Libero Benussi

Published by: The House of Batana, Rovinj 2007

This is the undisputed book about the batana boat, as well as about the people behind it and the generations of ancestors, so it could be said that, like the Eco-museum, this book is one of the keys to getting to know Rovinj and it inhabitants in a very direct and intimate way. Namely, the book mentions almost all of those who over the past one hundred years have been associated with the batana, whether batana owners, builders, fishermen or even the boat’s researchers and admirers, nearly all those who are living transmitters of the boat’s tradition… One of the book’s special qualities is its dual language, which is one of the features of the town itself, as well as the batana’s present and future, which is, today, although its origins are associated with Rovinj’s indigenous Italian community, an important bridge connecting all of its inhabitants. Finally, this book is another contribution to the evaluation of Rovinj’s maritime and shipbuilding tradition, which is a creative and playful presentation of one of the facets of Rovinj as a tourist destination, an important medium of communication for many visitors to the town, Istria and Croatia!

Excerpt from the book:

“...For a long time I have wanted to systematically connect into one theme the batana boat and its sails. These pages, however, would not exist without the support of many friends, enthusiasts and visionaries who have helped me to identify many precious details. For me and for them, the batana has always represented life, joy, continuity, hopes and dreams. Some friends are no longer with us, but I hope that these pages, apart from their memories, testify to their exceptional efforts in preserving and caring for the batana tradition in our town. Special thanks go to Franco Diritti for his outstanding contribution to this book. To sail a batana and its lugsail, albeit only through the lines of this short review, for me is a great pleasure...” Libero Benussi